Paperless & Customizable Patterns To Fit Any Body

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Pattern Library

There are just so many choices! It’s actually quite easy to get inspired and excited with thousands of sewing patterns to choose from.

Customizable Designs

Many Ditto patterns are customizable. Go from a jewel neck to V neck or ankle length to a mini in a click. And so many more options with more coming!


Boxes and boxes of patterns. Since everything is digital, you no longer need to add more to that collection. Just Ditto and go. 

Saves You Time

It’s kind of like magic. Using Ditto compresses hours into minutes. No more pinning, paper or chalking.

It’s Quick and Easy to Set-Up & Use

In minutes you can go from box opening to patterning nirvana. No tools or engineering degrees needed.


It’s precise. Very precise. Once you’ve calibrated your Ditto machine, you can cut with confidence.

It's All About the Fit

You get a custom fit that is made for your body. Ditto patterns are made to your measurements which take out the guesswork of sizing. Expand your wardrobe options while you stop wasting money on buying or creating things that don’t fit perfectly.

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