The Ditto Story



Pattern Sewing Hasn’t
Significantly Evolved Since 1860

Ditto began simply as an idea to make the patterning process less frustrating – a problem everyday sewists have been trying to solve for decades.



The Ditto System was Born

As leaders in the sewing world, teams at JOANN and SINGER® knew fixing this problem would finally propel patterning into the future. So, the companies came together to make digital pattern projection real and more accessible for consumers, and they called it “Ditto.”



Years in the Making

Beginning in 2019, over the course of more than three years in development, Ditto creators learned what sewists really need and want from patterns and beyond. We conducted research with real sewists, including in-home testing. Early testers also included design students at Kent State University. For example, we learned through observing, how sewists move around a table to cut fabric, that Ditto had to provide the room to maneuver, and that’s how the idea of using a “beam” – the tension rod system, was developed. With rich feedback from sewists and a forward-looking design team at Nottingham Spirk, Ditto grew into something far beyond a modernized way to get patterns onto fabric. It became the DIFM (do it for me) version of projector sewing with everything in one place to make it quick and easy.



Inclusive. Accessible. Creative.

In developing the Ditto technology and what it could do, Ditto the brand also began to take shape – as a company that could make sewing and patterning more inclusive, more accessible and more creative. And even though Ditto uses a lot of whizbang type of technology, at the heart of Ditto, we knew that what we wanted to create was a tool to help people unleash their creativity. It’s why we say Ditto is for every body, no matter your shape.

The Future of Ditto

The future of Ditto is bright!

(pun fully intended)

We are only getting started and we have big plans to make Ditto more expansive with more patterns and options to help you continue to unleash your creativity. Some behind the scenes sneak-peaks into what’s in store include

Use of your existing PDFs
We heard you and we agreed! The ability to use your existing PDF patterns with Ditto is now live!
Inclusivity for all
When we say any body, we mean it. We are expanding our already customizable patterns from women’s sizes up to 36 from 28 and for men up to 64 from 52. Our mission is to continue to enhance Ditto to ensure everyone who makes their garments can feel confident their creativity will fit them perfectly.
More patterns and partners!
We are creating new customizable Ditto patterns that will be regularly added to the Ditto library. New patterns will also be added as additional partners, including independent designers, become part of the Ditto community.
New projector options
We know that some sewists already have a lot of accessories such as their own cutters and weights. Some may simply want the Ditto projector. We are developing options for not only the projector component, but also alternative options for installation without the beam.

What people are saying

I like that Ditto includes a bunch of different brands of patterns. The Ditto ones are great because they are customized to your measurements, but I like having the option of choosing some other brands too. There is something for everyone.”


Not being an off-the-rack size, I like the ability to adjust sizes on the screen to automatically adjust the pattern immediately to be cut out and sewn.”


It’s an a-ha moment watching the projection happen. It’s so easy for people at every sewing level to grasp.”


It’s so easy to set-up and use, and even calibration is a breeze. I’m cutting within 10 minutes.”


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in years!


This is awesome. I was hoping something like this would come along.”


I’m so excited about this! Garment sewing hasn’t been that fun for me because getting patterns to fit my curvy body is difficult. I think this will change that and allow me to create a fabulous custom closet full of clothes!!”


Adjusting to my size is a big deal. I’ve made many dresses in the past that I’ve tossed in the trash after trying them on because they didn’t fit.”